COVID-19 Testing in Schools

On-Site COVID-19 PCR Test For Coronavirus

Testing for COVID-19


Our School Testing Program is based on 4 key components as to why children should be in school:

  1. Schools are Safety Net for Learning and Child Nutrition
  2. School is a Safe Space for Children which Enables Parents to Return to Work
  3. Teachers are Role Models and can Address Learning Difficulties
  4. Peer Interaction is Important for Emotional and Social Development

We also reinforce strategic Successful School Reopening Guidance but the most important part is Covid-19 Testing for the following reasons:

  1. Adds Safety to the Learning Environment
  2. Allows Kids, Families, Teachers, and Staff Immediate Access to Covid-19 Testing
  3. Protects the Community by Identifying Classroom Clusters Early

We will work with your school system or individual school to implement the most effective testing schedule that can essentially take no time away from the learning segments required by each institution.


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